Three more invitations for OnePlus One

OnePlus issued me three more invitations several days ago and if you are still searching for an opportunity to buy a One, one of them may be yours.

Either leave a comment here or contact me via Twitter. You can find my contact information here. They all have 12 hours left, better be quick :)

Update: All gone, will post again if I receive more invitations in the future.

Although I’ve managed to pre-order my OnePlus One yesterday at the latest round, it didn’t take too long to face that the commitment to pay doesn’t enough to get your device shipped immediately. So, I’ve decided not to wait for three weeks in the queue and started to seek an invitation. Well, for two invitations in fact, since I’ve ordered not once, but twice.

Thanks to the generosity of the OnePlus community, I was able to find the invites I needed in less than 24 hours. What came as a surprise was an additional invitation sent from the OnePlus itself, which arrived right after I hit the “skip the queue with invite” button. So, I ended up with a spare invitation at hand at the end of the day, which might be yours if you are interested in buying a One for yourself, too.

OnePlus One invitation giveaway

Since my motivation was to get rid of the queue I’m in while searching for this invitation, I’d like give it to a person who is in a situation similar to mine. Please let me know if you’ve already pre-ordered your device on the November 17th, and have at least 2 or 3 weeks waiting time before your delivery. I’d be happy to share my spare invitation with you.

Don’t forget to share a screenshot of your order status while asking for the invite, and make your OnePlus account name visible while doing it. You can find my contact information here.

Update: Invitation gone to the person with the longest waiting time in the queue; 5 weeks. None left at the moment, will post again if I receive more invitations in the future.

Don't kill your time with the "Bury the Dead"We went to see the “Bury the Dead” by Irwin Shaw with two of my friends yesterday.

Play was about six 20 years old soldiers who have been killed in an unnamed war. Their comrades dig a mass grave. But when they laid their bodies in an alphabetic row, the six dead soldiers stand up! They tell that they don’t want to give up their lives they’ve barely begun to experience and refuse to be buried.

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Cops made of doughnut is one of the many great ideas in the movie Wreck-it Ralph

Warning: Spoiler ahead. Don’t go any further unless you’ve already seen the movie.

Just watched the Wreck-it Ralph, which is considered by most of the critics as one of the serious contenders for the “Best Animated Film of the Year” at Oscars.

Movie was fun with lots of carefully crafted references to many popular arcade games, and I was really enjoying it until I see the scene where Ralph returns to the game he belongs with a medal on his neck. There, rather than the standing ovation he is expecting, he finds out that everyone has panicked and left the game. Gene, the only person hasn’t left the building yet, tells him that it’s his fault that everyone is gone. According to Gene, because Ralph left the game, Felix went looking for him and everybody left afterwards because they were afraid of Litwak’s plan to unplug the game in the morning. He tells Ralph, “you actually went and did it”.

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Easy way to automatically post your tweets to LinkedInBefore LinkedIn and Twitter end their partnership last summer, Twitter users were able to post their tweets automatically to LinkedIn. Users were able to choose between sharing all tweets directly and filtering tweets that has a certain hashtag (#in). Since then, the link between two platforms is severed and these options are no longer are available.

However, it’s still possible to automate sharing your tweets to LinkedIn via third party services. There are numerous alternatives here, but I prefer using IFTTT because it has a clever design and offers diverse set of functions across many platforms.

IFTTT is short for “if this, then that”. The service basically connects different apps/platforms to each other with certain set of rules created by users, which they call “recipes”. To automate your tweet sharing, all you need to do is create an account, and link your LinkedIn account to the system.

After that, you have two options:

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Google Now needs search (web) history to be turned on for meaningful resultsThanks to AOKP, I’ve recently upgraded to Jelly Bean and I met with Google Now. I really liked the idea behind it but, unfortunately, my experience with the Google Now is not even close to what’s been advertised on Google’s landing page for the product. It just couldn’t go beyond displaying weather forecast cards for the days ahead, which is quite understandable considering I’m refusing to turn my search history on :)

Google introduced the Web History in 2005 (was “Search History” back then); I’ve never enabled it, not even tried it once. But I always had the feeling of missing something important.

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Well, after the article I’ve just read on the NewScientist blog “One Per Cent”, it’s not really a question for me anymore. I believe it can.

Artificial Intelligence gathering data from TwitterThe article I mentioned is about how Twitter data is being used to predict a single person’s chances of getting caught by flu. According to the article, researchers analysed 4.4 million tweets tagged with GPS location data from over 630,000 users in the New York City area over one month in 2010. They used a machine-learning algorithm to tell the difference between tweets by healthy people – who might say something like “I am so sick of this traffic!” – and someone who is actually sick and showing signs of the flu. After their analysis, they were able to predict when healthy people were about to fall ill -and then tweet about it- with about 90 per cent accuracy out to eight days in the future. That’s quite impressive!

Do you know what was the first thing came to my mind while I was reading that result? The data mining experiment carried out by Target, for pinpointing their pregnant customers (a must read, by the way).
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Although I occasionally whine about it, I can’t give up using Firefox. And, I’ll probably keep using it till Chrome implements native SOCKS support.

I have a ten years old computer at home, which even suffers from the XP version of Windows. That’s why, recently I’ve decided to run Debian on it and I installed Firefox -the original, not the re-branded Iceweasel- as the default browser on Wheezy.

Changing browser backspace action behavior of Firefox running under LinuxAlthough everything works perfectly, backspace action on Linux seemed to differ from Windows. While the default behavior for the backspace is to take you to the previous page on Windows, hitting backspace on Linux does nothing. Because backspace is one of my favorite shortcuts, first thing I did was to check whether if there are any references in “about:config”.

There was and it works :)
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Google released an interesting new web site dedicated to promote their environment friendly technologies: The Story of Send. According to the site, magic happens through sophisticated and ultra secure data centers, with the help of overweight engineers :)

The Send Story by Google

Site tells the whole story around sending and receiving emails with Google’s mailing service, Gmail. There a lot of videos and pictures embedded throughout the neatly designed web site. Especially how they shred the hard drives that have fulfilled their mission in the data center is quite interesting, don’t miss it.

What really attracted my attention while watching the videos, almost all of the staff shown on them are obese, or overweight at best. Google pays well, apparently :)

Obesity is a serious health issue and I believe companies like Google should care about the overall health of their staff, as much as they do for the environment. I suggest Google management team to Google for “obesity“, as a start :)

Firefox has a feature called “Inspect Element” for inspecting elements on a web page. It allows you to dig deeper in both the HTML and CSS code of a web page and lets you understand the inspected elements position and styling information in the structure. Today, while inspecting the branding features of Johnson&Johnson’s YouTube page, I’ve noticed a “3D” button on the “Inspect Element” bar and found that it takes the experience in a whole new level :)

After a search, learned that it’s been around since de v11 beta and migrated to the v11 stable after testing. If you are interested in learning HTML and CSS, you should try Firefox’s 3D inspection. You can see how browsers implement the code, in a fun way :)