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Prezi will launch at 5th of April

Ali Kuru in News, powerpoint, prezi, Web, keynote

Good news first; according to VentureBeat, Prezi will open its gates to the masses next month, at 5th of April. You can check my prezi review if you want an early look of the upcoming service.

Here comes the bad news; pricing scheme seem to be surfaced with the launch plan and there will be three plans available to the users. Which are; Free (online only, all data public), Enjoy ($57/year, only works online) and Pro ($160/year, online and downloadable).

Sharing what you’ve created might not be problem for most of the users but being not able to download and use your presentations offline will definitely hurt free users. Anyways, Prezi is a really innovative tool for creating slick presentations and definitely worth a try.

Update: It looks like its not the presentations that free users are not able to download, but the new “offline editor”. See comments for details.

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