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Opera Mobile 9.7 will have Flash and support Google Gears

Ali Kuru in google, Mobile, opera, windows mobile

Opera is definitely the best browser for Windows Mobile and, because it comes preinstalled on most PDAs, it’s quite popular. According to Gizmodo, soon to be released 9.7 version of Opera Mobile will have long awaited Flash. It will also support Google Gears, which allow Windows Mobile users to enjoy offline versions of Google applications like Gmail and Google Calendar.

Opera Mobile will have an option for connecting Opera Turbo, the content compression service used in Opera Mini, which does a lot to reduce downloading times for a small sacrifice in image quality.

I’m happy to hear that it will support Flash and Gears, but I don’t think I will ever interest in Opera Turbo. It’s sounding like having a constant “men in the middle” :)

Enjoy the video demonstration of Opera Turbo below.

[via Gizmodo]

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