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My problem with Philips has been resolved

Ali Kuru in Me, philips

This is kind of late reporting and I’m sorry about it. I was really busy at work and couldn’t create much time for an update. Anyway, it is always better late than never, right? So, here is the rest of the story;

A week after I blogged about the Philips customer service’s approach to my problem with my Philips earphones, a friend advised that “Why don’t you file a dispute at the local commission of consumer problems arbitrators at the district governorship? It’s a much more effective way than writing on about your problem on your web, just let the officials deal with them”. And I thought “Why not?”.

Fixed Philips earphonesI called the office and they told me that all I need is a service report stating that my item neither can be repaired, nor can be replaced under the terms of its warranty. So, I went back to local Philips customer service center and insisted them to take my earphones for repairs and told them they should check my situation with their head office at Istanbul.

Well, I have to admit that I lied to the lady at the service center :) I told her that, after I blogged about my problem, somebody from their Istanbul head offices contacted me and told me that I should take my earphones to our local service center, then they will solve my problem. In reality, although my blog has been visited several times by some people from Philips (first an IP from Germany, then USA and lastly from Turkey), nobody had called me from their Istanbul head offices.

Another week passed by and I’ve got a call from Philips head office at Istanbul. Representative on the phone told me that my earphones has been fixed and I can get it back from my local service center. When I asked her “Both your local service center here and your representative on the toll free customer care line told me that the Philips does not produce spares for the part missing on my earphone. How could you find this part?” She told me that they’ve tried really hard for my satisfaction.

Am I satisfied? Of course not. This should happen before I wrote about my problem on several places on the net and decided to go to commission of consumer problems arbitrators. Resolution should came at the moment I entered in their local service center, not a month later.

In the end: spares miraculously found and my earphones has been fixed free of charge, which feels like a happy ending.

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