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Kindle for students: What features should it have to get your money?

Ali Kuru in amazon, Gadgets, Mobile, rumor

Rumor has it; Amazon is planning to release a student’s version of Kindle this year, with a full 8.5″x11″ display.

As I’ve said earlier, I don’t really think we need an e-book reader and the only good thing about Kindle 2 is its free 3G connectivity. But, Kindle for students with a larger screen? Although this is a good idea, I think Amazon will need more than just a larger screen to con students to buy these devices. If I were a collage student, I would consider buying a Kindle if it has;

  • Touch screen
    Carrying a nice looking and light weight Kindle instead of thick books would be nice but not enough. Kindle should have a touch screen and a note taking application to take notes via stylus to remove students’ dependency to paper completely.
  • Voice recording
    This might also come in handy for taking audio notes.
  • Larger disk space
    If it will take audio notes, it should have a larger space, or a memory card slot.
  • Color screen
    I don’t think “16 shades of gray” would suffice for technical reading. If it is targeting collage students, Kindle must have a color screen.
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    If Kindle will let students to take notes via hand writing or audio recording, it should also give them a chance to swap their notes with each other, and swapping notes over Ad-Hoc or Bluetooth will be much comfortable than emailing them. Bluetooth may be a better choice, since can give you the ability of adding your camera phone pictures in to your notes or printing your notes with a Bluetooth enabled printer.

What other fancy features do you think that the students’ version of the kindle should have to get your $359(+) out of your pocket?

[Via: Gizmodo, Egadget]

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