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I want it: Mozilla Seabird - mobile phone concept

Ali Kuru in Gadgets, Mobile, mozilla

This is the most beautiful and clever design (with projected desktop and keyboard, integrated bluetooth/IR dongle which doubles as an haptic controller – awesome!) for a mobile phone I’ve seen so far.

Unfortunately it’s just a concept and, since it’s designed by Billy May of Mozilla, we will never have a chance to see it in its physical form, probably not even a prototype. Being created by Mozilla Labs is not the only reason we will not see a phone like this anytime soon, there is also another big problem: nobody currently has a reliable battery technology to feed this greedy piece of machinery – well, not at least for a day :)

Here is what Mozilla Labs post says;

How does this relate to Mozilla / Mozilla Labs?

  • Billy is a community member in the Mozilla Labs community and created Seabird in his spare time. Seabird is not a Mozilla or Mozilla Labs project but part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. The Concept Series provides a place for the wider community to create and collaborate on projects which push the boundaries of the Web and the browser.

Does Mozilla have plans to produce a mobile phone?

  • No. Mozilla produces Firefox for Mobile, the popular Firefox browser for mobile phone systems such as Nokia Maemo and Android.

If you haven't clicked the play already, please do so now and watch the video.

[via reddit]

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