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How Gmail works?

Ali Kuru in gmail, google, Software, sustainability, Web

Google released an interesting new web site dedicated to promote their environment friendly technologies: The Story of Send. According to the site, magic happens through sophisticated and ultra secure data centers, with the help of overweight engineers :)

Site tells the whole story around sending and receiving emails with Google’s mailing service, Gmail. There a lot of videos and pictures embedded throughout the neatly designed web site. Especially how they shred the hard drives that have fulfilled their mission in the data center is quite interesting, don’t miss it.

What really attracted my attention while watching the videos, almost all of the staff shown on them are obese, or overweight at best. Google pays well, apparently :)

Obesity is a serious health issue and I believe companies like Google should care about the overall health of their staff, as much as they do for the environment. I suggest Google management team to Google for “obesity“, as a start :)

PhD in Microbiology, head of digital at Kapital Media. Interested in geekery, gadgets and ever-evolving web.

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