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Google to launch third-party commenting system

Ali Kuru in facebook, google, google plus, News, Web, social media

According to the Next Web, Google is about to launch a third-party commenting system that is very similar what’s been offered by Facebook.

Obviously, this is not a surprise. But, it is also probably the most important update for the company since their “Social Search” implementation.

With on-by-default social search, Google literally forced site owners to create Google+ profiles for their businesses and for themselves. And, since Google highly values “+1” interactions on both its search engine and third-party sites, this new feature gets late adapting webmasters attention to optimize for Google+ and adopt +1s, too.

Because Google is still dwarfing all the competition, I believe the soon to be released third-party commenting system of the company will also be welcomed with mass adoption rates. Comments will be indexed by Google, most probably with their +1 values, and this will bring the SEO power on the most powerful search engine of all times.

Unless Google somehow manages to ridicule itself, no one will miss this.

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