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I've earned my Ph.D. degree at last!

Ali Kuru in Me

After six years of tiring course work and boring lab studies, I’ve successfully defended my dissertation at the 23rd of last month, and welcomed 2010 with a new title; “Doctor of Philosophy”.

Now, I’ve dedicated myself enjoying the unusual emptiness in my life, which feels eternal for the time being but will last with the beginning of April :/ Military service is mandatory for every healthy men in Turkey and I have postponed it to date because of my studies. The first week of April will probably mark the beginning of that duty.

There are several alternative ways for serving in Turkish Military depending on your education and in my case it will either take ~6 months if I’m lucky or a whole year if I’m not!

So, please wish me luck :)

PhD in Microbiology, head of digital at Kapital Media. Interested in geekery, gadgets and ever-evolving web.

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